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35 лет
16.11.2020 09:05
That was great, I have significantly improved my physical shape. I increased the number of repetitions in basic exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, and squats. Besides, I developed the performance of my lunges and cardiovascular system. But, I could increase the numbers even more if there wasn't one inaccuracy in English version of the application. Details below.

Подтягивания: было 12, стало 16
Отжимания: было 35, стало 27
Приседания: было 40, стало 80
Вес: был 84, стал 84

Где встретилась информация о программе SOTKA и что побудило тебя принять участие ней?
I met mention of SOTKA somewhere on the Internet. And that seemed quite simple for me to do it every day that is it looked like it doesn't require a lot of time and I can perform the exercises at my lunch break.

Какие положительные изменения произошли с тобой в результате прохождения программы?
1. Pull-ups 10->16.
2. Push-ups the same.
3. Squats 40->80.

Что понравилось в программе?
A huge bunch of things. It's simple, powerful, and doesn't require a lot of time. There is plenty of worthwhile information on how to train by myself.

Что не понравилось в программе и чего лично тебе не хватало?
Well, lads, there is one inaccuracy in the English version of the post about Lunges. It's day 29. It has the next advice about the number of repetitions: I would recommend to start with 10 reps (each leg) in each circle and after that just look how this is going and either increase and decrease the number of reps. Ok, I thought. I got 10 as a common number and tried to do 10 reps on each leg for some time and that was damn hard for me! Meanwhile, I had only 10 reps in squats. And then I realized that something goes wrong and lowered the number.
Meanwhile, you have more accurate descriptions of how to find out your number of lunges in the Russian version. The manner is tied to the number of squats that you are able to do and this is much clearer and accurate that it is in the English version. And I wouldn't have been confused if there was the same description as in Russian version.
I got a bit overtrained due to this inaccuracy so I'd like you to fix it.
And that would be just great if you present me a free year subscription for your application for my suffering 😰 and been being a tester of the English version of the app. 🤓
33 года
17.11.2020 10:15

Thank you for feedback! We can give you 100 free days calendar extension if you provide us FULL LIST of english infoposts that don't match the russian version. Because we have updated russian version and changed days for several infoposts.